Who phoned me from 02081449579

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(Anonymous user)
November 21st  2012 15:08
Fast cash scam
Warning to all who receive a call from this number as its a complete scam!!!
The name this guy uses is Martin Edwards,this Martin name has cropped up all over the web in various formats usually using the name "Martin" with other name formats.
(Anonymous user)
November 23rd  2012 17:13
fast cash scam
he also uses the name simon jones
(Anonymous user)
November 26th  2012 16:13
Safe secured laons
Well You all guys just wana clear your minds that this company is well reputed since 5years many of my friends got the loans from this company so far,So I just suggest you all dont be indulge of this below comments.Thank you..( ROBIN COPPACK ).
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