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(Anonymous user)
November 24th  2016 17:45
Scam or telemarketer
I'm getting pestered by these people. They never leave a message and clear as soon as my answer machine cuts in. Also, they don't respect the rules of the Telephone Preference Scheme. AVOID, it's either a scam or a call to claim they're "NOT TRYING TO SELL YOU ANYTHING".

Call type: Telemarketer
(Anonymous user)
December 12th  2016 15:49
Keep getting calls from this number and when my answer machine cuts in there's silence for a few seconds then they clear. The number appears to be listed to "Magnetic North Software Ltd" ................... AVOID!
(Anonymous user)
February 20th  2018 15:08
Everest pest
Regular calls, drops line seconds after it goes to answer machine. Everest (windows) pest call.
(Anonymous user)
June 5th  2018 16:11
automatic message is left asking me to call 0800 010 123 which I believe is Everest. Boycott Everest and ask everyone you know to do the same.
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