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(Anonymous user)
January 24th  2012 16:23
Rang me but did not answer it.
Checked up and said it could be solicitors
What have rang . No idea what that's for.

Checked on web site also that's it some America
Thing to get your locality to were you are.

Don't know if I'm wright
(Anonymous user)
January 26th  2012 11:24
033 3344 0646
Rang twice and then hung up.
Am working for a friend who is being hounded by Virgin Media for money he doesn't owe.
It could be then?
Can never understand why they ring twice and then hang up.
(Anonymous user)
February 23rd  2012 15:22
The number belongs to a third party solicitor allocated to collecting very old outstanding debts. I'd continue to ignore them until they get the message.
(Anonymous user)
February 25th  2012 10:55
February 24th 2012 10.37
Just received a call from this number, I answered it - silence then they hang, why bother to phone?
(Anonymous user)
March 10th  2012 17:58
10th March 2012
Had a call from this number, they hung up before I answered it. Dont reccognize this number at all.
(Anonymous user)
March 15th  2012 13:57
15th March 2012
Missed a call from this number today. No message left. The number they used was for a Blackberry device that is never used for calls, so I guess some kind of 'fishing' exercise?
(Anonymous user)
March 15th  2012 18:08
They just rang me. Didn't get a chance to answer there was so few rings. Searched web & found this place. Only reason for this hangup stuff I can think of is to tempt people to call back. No doubt this will cost a small fortune. I'm not answering any 03333's & if they keep calling they'll get blocked.
(Anonymous user)
March 19th  2012 15:09
asked for a person by name
Woman's voice asked for a person who I know of and whose grandparents are neighbours. we are x directory so don't know how or why they are phoning here.
big phil
(Anonymous user)
March 20th  2012 10:44
all i got was something about a non urgent matter ciontinous engaged on the 19/3/12 and on the 20th no body in thje office to take call leve your number for a call back thnis is a scam some people will do anything theses days crooked bds
(Anonymous user)
March 23rd  2012 16:57
load of Muppets
Ring me 5 times daily.
Always hang up when u answer.
Block this number now...
(Anonymous user)
March 29th  2012 09:21
march 28th 2012
this number rang 5 times today and twice yesterday ive now blocked them and im repoting this to TPS and BT as im x directory and it could be a scam
(Anonymous user)
June 26th  2012 08:19
Debt Recovery Cmpany
Rang after someone who has never lived here. 4th debt collection company in 3 months. for this person. Very rude person demanded my postcode and date of birth. Got all upset when i refused to tell her. Company known as Milton Keynes Rapid Recovery aka Raven Recovery, aka Compello Group aka half a dozen other names. Buy up old debt for pennies on the £ and then make nuisance phone calls in the hope of recovering the money.
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