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(Anonymous user)
July 18th  2018 10:27
Cold Call Double Glazing
Caller very persistent and wanted to send someone to my home to quote for new windows, in our area etc.
Caller didn't hide his frustration when I continued to refuse and I had to hang up on him.
(Anonymous user)
July 19th  2018 10:59
Cold call Windows Nuisance
Woman caller wanted to know how old our window frames are and to send someone round to do a "free test " to check thermal efficiency etc.
I thanked her for her call, said goodbye and hung up. I have now blocked the number.
(Anonymous user)
September 19th  2018 14:17
Cold call for energy checks in my area
Female caller wanted to arrange for a representative to visit to advise on energy efficiency.
I said I wasn't interested and wanted to be removed from their systems. Caller hung up.
(Anonymous user)
September 27th  2018 13:41
Energy Care Centre
Caller identified himself as Mark from Energy Care Centre. "Did I ask for this call?" - No.
"Then it's a nuisance call" - OK - no worries.
[i have reported the call to TPS]
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