Who phoned me from 0660018

Had a call from 0660018? Post a comment to let other know who was calling.

(Anonymous user)
July 18th  2013 11:38
New number for hoax Microsoft calls telling you you have a fault on pc
(Anonymous user)
October 7th  2013 12:45
Fraudelent caller claiming to be from "Windows"
Wanted to discuss my problem with Windows Server. They hung up when I said I did not have a problem :)
hip hop
(Anonymous user)
October 7th  2013 17:08
stop phone me
stop phone me and buging me you bunch of cons

(Anonymous user)
October 28th  2013 16:02
They phoned me minutes after my Mum died and still wanted to discss promblem with pc. When is someone going to stop this harrassment?
Roy Richardson
(Anonymous user)
November 16th  2013 11:05
How to deal with scam calls
All of these "international" scam calls use IP phone services as such there is always a delay before communication takes place.

So when you answer the phone and Say "Hello" and there is no immediate response, just hang up.

Now dial 1471 and see who called you.

I have a 100% success rate at this game, the number is always either some crazy international number like this one or from a network that has no number, i.e. probably a Skype like system.

Oh, in the unlikely event that you do end up speaking to one of these Muppets, look on it as an opportunity for either fun, or education.

I have several games I play (usually internal UK calls that do respond immediately) sales calls who shouldn't be calling as I'm in TPS or the likes.

Put them through your security - The game is to see exactly how much info you can get out of them before they hang up or play at how high up their corporate ladder can you get with who's who starting with their supervisor.
Roy Richardson
(Anonymous user)
November 16th  2013 11:07
or Everybody likes to talk about themselves, get them of their script and talk about anything but what they are supposed to be talking to you about.

or the "How did you get this number?" you are through to Ministry of Justice Office, on a private encrypted judicial business line, now who exactly are you? Don't dare put this phone down or we will be forced to arrest you... See how stupid they are, start the timer

or Who are you? I'm police inspector Roy Richardson, this is a murder scene, now how do you know the deceased?

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