Who phoned me from 07520633880

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(Anonymous user)
July 19th  2017 12:25
Scam PPI claim text
Fake PPI claim text - do not respond
(Anonymous user)
November 4th  2017 19:16
Fake photos on dating sites giving out this number, wasn't tempted to ring it... Nor should you!
(Anonymous user)
November 5th  2017 15:02
Fake tinder profile
Number given out on catfish profiles. Don't call
(Anonymous user)
December 20th  2017 21:46
Tinder 20/12/2017
Matched with a 23yr old female, she sent me this number to text.

She said,
Text me 07520 633880

Catfish I think, didnt respond to text but I checked her profile again and its gone.

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