Who phoned me from 07537402499

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(Anonymous user)
July 3rd  2012 13:05
Be aware - be very aware
Just been sent a text by unknown company stating they can give me a new bank account with no credit checks plus MasterCard.

Surely this isn't just illegal - it is criminal?!
(Anonymous user)
May 10th  2013 11:42
calm down dear
The number is associated with someone like eccount or APS or similar. Like several other firms they can provide bank accounts with no credit check because they don't offer credit. The Mastercard or VISA offered are pre-paid top-up cards, again no credit. You get free online banking, account number and sort code just like any other bank account. A very helpful and useful service for people whose credit record means they struggle to get "normal" high street bank accounts.

These firms are all regulated and there's nothing illegal OR criminal about what they offer. In any case surely if the concept is illegal then by default it also must be criminal? How can you have something that's illegal but NOT criminal?
(Anonymous user)
October 18th  2016 18:02
fraudulent number
This number texeted me claiming to be XTB (an online forign exchange brokerage), asking me to reactivate my account by pressing a link, DO NOT PRESS THE LINK, this number is fraudulent!
(Anonymous user)
June 15th  2017 16:53
It's Criminal
OOOOoooooo noooooooo criminall!!!!!! Gosh, the only reason why you think that is because youre brainwashed. WTF does financial regulation matter to you lol
(Anonymous user)
November 20th  2017 15:02
So why would this bank on this number be offering to hire me a Portaloo then ? It's fraudulent. Don't click on it.
(Anonymous user)
June 15th  2018 12:05
Texts claiming to be from British Gas...
Got 2 texts claiming to be from British Gas about a piece of returned mail. They wanted me to call the number provided. I Googled the number given and Google came up with a co. called Atwood Joinery (with a neutral rating for the number)
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