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(Anonymous user)
December 23rd  2013 12:29
People that cant speak english
Why do companies get stupid fucking asian pricks to keep phoning people in england, then when we answer , we cant understand a word they say. i cant imagine they know what they are doing, when all that is achieved is to piss people off
(Anonymous user)
January 11th  2014 17:53
complete pain in the a+++. ring up to 10 times per day up to 10pm and at weekends. if you answer and ask them not to ring they slam the phone down on you. keep phone on answerphone now so each time it kicks in it costs them the price of a call.
(Anonymous user)
January 19th  2014 10:43
This number is inactive!!!
I missed a call from this number 07623431074. Thinking it was a genuine caller I called back and got this message:
" this number is inactive"! I then called BT to ask How much that call cost me, They said that it would not show on my account for 24Hrs but that THIS IS A PREMIUM NUMBER!.
DO NOT CALL OR ANSWER THEM! When I got the recorded message to tell me it was inactive it did not hang up as you would expect but carried on silent. Thank God I noticed the call was still on and hung up myself!
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