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(Anonymous user)
January 11th  2017 15:07
Say they are BT Openreach
this number has been ringing me since I had a BT Openreach engineer visit, no one can tell me how they know I had a visit but that it is not BT Openreach calling and no one but your supplier would have access to your router, in which they can do directly!!? Apparently BT Openreach are aware of these calls and working on this, but have not shared the information with the engineers to warn consumers!!?
The initial call was an hour after he had left!!? Saying the engineer needed to make some alterations to the slow speed I was getting (which was the issue I was having!!?) so while he was at the exchange they need access to my router and wanting to get access through the computer, DO NOT DO IT.
(Anonymous user)
March 2nd  2017 12:01
I have been having these calls since 11 January. They are now calling up to 4 times a day, saying the BT engineer is in the exchange, and wants access to computer to change my broadband frequency. They have now changed the number they call from to 07451 281221
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