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(Anonymous user)
September 19th  2014 19:11
Post Office Travel Money card activation
This is the number I had to text to activate my Post Office Travel Money card. It cost me ~25p/message and showed up on my bill as a Jersey number.
(Anonymous user)
October 28th  2017 21:50
Post Office Travel Money card activation number
Cost me 20p per text even though I have unlimited inclusive texts allowance in my contract. I could have activated for free online. Post office do not tell you you will be charged for the text. Rip off.
(Anonymous user)
November 13th  2017 14:37
Post Office Money Card Activation
I received a new card and was asked to text this number to activate it. I have just got my mobile bill and was charged 15 pence for this text. And to add insult to injury, their system was not working at the Post Office and I did the activation for free on the internet.

Why can't they be upfront ans say it is a charge to a network in Jersey?
(Anonymous user)
December 5th  2017 13:17
Post Office Travel Money card activation
Beware, these calls do not form part of your text allowance, I was charged £0.29 plus VAT for each text, annoying when you have to resend due to their system being unavailable for activation
(Anonymous user)
May 13th  2018 20:03
Post Office Travel Money Card activation
I had the same issue as other posters charged £0.29 for activation that didn't even work and I had to do it online anyway.

This isn't the first issue I've had with the Travel Money Card, but I hope it will be the last: this is the last time I'm using the Post Office service. Absolute rubbish.
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