Who phoned me from 07953966066

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(Anonymous user)
November 5th  2011 00:29
Who is this then?
Just retired and message from this number left to congratulate me on retiring.

How do they know this?
(Anonymous user)
December 12th  2011 09:51
I got a call on my landline from this number at 11.30 pm last night. I was asleep and they rang off just as I picked up. When I rang the number this morning I got
redirected to the voice mail of 07949402892. I have no idea who either of these numbers belong to and our landline is ex directory. Very puzzling
(Anonymous user)
December 12th  2011 10:10
New information
I just posted about this number waking me at 11.30 last night. I have since found a website which there is a post on which says they are BT and T mobile landline texts. They can be disabled which I have just done. I can't put the link here but if you search the full number it will come up in the search results
(Anonymous user)
December 15th  2011 08:31
Some sort of scam
called at 3.15 am and left offensive message. I've had other calls saying 'i have a text message for you from (mobile number). I've never got as far as listening to the number, only got it this time from dialling 1471.

Don't know why you can't put a link here and I can't find any website that tells you how to disable it.
(Anonymous user)
December 15th  2011 09:23
re website link
I tried to put a link in but this website wouldn't let me

(Anonymous user)
December 15th  2011 13:20
Woke us at just gone 1 last night. I am ill at the moment . I wonder if , if we could find theculprit, we could all go through the small claims court for distress ?
(Anonymous user)
March 4th  2012 22:35
to get rid of voice text
If you want to opt out of receiving all of these "voice" text calls on your landline (including from 07953 966066 and anybody else), then phone BT on 0800 587 5252 from your landline, select option 1 then option 5. This will permanently cancel this feature.
(Anonymous user)
March 23rd  2012 16:23
serious scam
Beware text message calls from this number on your land line. Had a seriously scary one with intelligent use of personal details gleaned from the web. Undr no circumstances do as asked and return the call.
Legs Eleven
(Anonymous user)
April 9th  2012 00:38
The phone rang at 0.54 yesterday morning. I did a 1471 it was 07953 966055
It left some garbled message. I phoned 113 Maureen and told me to google.
I did ring 0800 587 5252 and used options 1 & 5.
(Anonymous user)
April 15th  2012 09:58
neighbour stamps on my ceiling allday and allnight
Now shes sending verbal text from 07953966066 to my landline. The crazy devil woman sends me Bible verses in the early hours when any non nutcase would be sleeping.
(Anonymous user)
February 18th  2013 15:33
Pain in the ass
So 2 days now and 15 text messages to my landline Have done the 08005875252 number but still coming through . What can I do ????
(Anonymous user)
April 21st  2013 08:33
First the junk calls now the personal rude message
Who the hell is phoning me on 079503966066 at 11pm and again at 1am in morning leaving a automated personal message with my name and town mentioned want me to have sex with some Russian women leaving me to opt out of this service by text or dialling another No The government or phone organisation should get to grips with this out of the blue calls disturbing people's lives please anybody can help me would great as need this resolved as of now!!
(Anonymous user)
April 25th  2013 07:54
This is NOT a scam!
This is a text to voice message service, which i believe is operated by T-mobile/BT and/or maybe others. Principally, the way it works is, if someone sends a text message, (SMS) from a mobile phone to a landline, the text is converted to an electronic 'voice' message and delivered to your landline. The message may become garbled or unitelligible due to 'translation' particularly if 'txt spk' is used. The number of the mobile sending the message should be included in the message, so you can reply to the person if you wish. I would only recommend doing this if you recognise the number, as this service can also be used by businesses which is where you may then find yourself drawn into a scam. But the service itself is NOT a scam!
(Anonymous user)
October 26th  2013 22:36
if the number of the phone which sent the message is not included in the message how would you find out who sent the text?
(Anonymous user)
July 1st  2013 21:15
Crank calls
I had a txt voice message from this number. Told me i was gong to get a sneek preview???? I hung up. If anyone knows how to stop them please let me know.
(Anonymous user)
August 13th  2013 22:27
scarey call
I had a call from this number saying please help me. As you can imagine this scared me and I had to contact my family to check they were ok.
(Anonymous user)
February 2nd  2014 12:32
Surely ofcom needs teeth to deal with this
I received a call at 4 a.m.
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