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(Anonymous user)
February 6th  2013 11:25
con ?
asked to speak to mum- said she had ticked a box on line asking for help ?? refused to give any details or leave a message . Afraid this may cause her to be conned into giving details that shouldn't be released to a stranger . Do not know who the caller was .
(Anonymous user)
February 8th  2013 21:24
i had today three times, i called back answer machine says... you cant let message ...any idea to stop this no.
(Anonymous user)
February 14th  2013 14:31
Keeps ringing my mobile but doesn't leave a message. No idea who this is !!!!!
(Anonymous user)
February 20th  2013 13:06
This number 07968 753497 keeps calling me for the passed 2 days, when I call back it goes staigh to an answer phone.
(Anonymous user)
February 20th  2013 16:23
Same as above keeps ringing. Never leaves a message, when I ring it goes straight to answer phone and says inbox is full???
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February 21st  2013 06:37
Same as above, no idea who it is.
(Anonymous user)
March 7th  2013 11:40
Who is it
Has anyone found out who this is yet
(Anonymous user)
March 12th  2013 19:03
On another website people report it is some company claiming that you've filled in a survey wanting to reduce your debts.

I got a call from this number but didn't answer it as I didn't recognise the number.

Next time they call I will answer with "Good afternoon, Metropolitan Police, can I help you?"
(Anonymous user)
March 13th  2013 15:09
This is a scam, ignore it, or do what I did when they say is 'so and so' there ? just say yes hang i will just get him /her, and keep phone on at side of you, they will soon stop ringing you

TJ Stockport
(Anonymous user)
May 15th  2013 11:18
Saw two missed calls and when called back it went to voicemail! As mentioned above it was the Orange voicemail ! This morning picked up and they were going on about some claims rubbish and as soon as I had that told them am not interested and he seemed surprised ... The cheeky git! Hang up and went googling!
(Anonymous user)
June 6th  2013 12:53
Marketing scam
Mostly on entering competitions with misleading info. Had 5 calls yesterday but its easy to block the numbers. Do it )
(Anonymous user)
June 10th  2013 14:48
Pain in the Ar*e
My wife was bothered by this number today.
Same story with here, she called back to the number and got through to Orange answerphone like everyone else,now is getting text messages.
she filled out her details on a website offering competitions or something
(Anonymous user)
June 11th  2013 19:36
phoned my grand daughter today and she was really upset because he knew her name. She is 12 same as above answer phone try to leave message and it says messages are full
(Anonymous user)
June 11th  2013 22:29
who is this?
This person tryed phoning and I don't know who it was and what their wanted. I sent a text message but got reply.
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