Who phoned me from 07973100194

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here we go!
(Anonymous user)
January 3rd  2012 16:06
Orange customer relations
I requested a PAC number two days previously and then got a call which turned out to be customer relations.
(Anonymous user)
May 1st  2013 10:04
After having a discussion with an Orange representative and calling them f*cking useless and putting the phone down, i received multiple calls from this number.
Brummagem Flash
(Anonymous user)
December 13th  2013 13:01
clockwork Orange?
I just answered a call on our house phone, from this mobile number: 07973100194
I was greeted with silence: all I could hear was the clock on our wall.....
Isn't it great when you struggle across the room, with your disabled painful foot and all you get when you reach your TPS-listed phone is nothing.
Thanks, Orange-men!
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