Who phoned me from 08000135333

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(Anonymous user)
November 8th  2012 13:22
Virgin Media
Automated message asking you to rate the representative you recently spoke to.
(Anonymous user)
March 29th  2013 11:40
They Keep Calling Me
I am starting to have these calls and the caller seems to be a bogus one.
(Anonymous user)
May 17th  2013 10:36
Virgin Media automated message
I had a call from this number - an automated message saying to call virgin media regarding the techician visit i requested earlier. It was not a spam call.
(Anonymous user)
August 20th  2013 08:16
I didnt have a problem on my phone but they called 3 times. I have a block on calls that hide their numbers. A service I pay for monthly but it still doesnt stop overseas cold calling.

These calls i get throughout the night which can be worrying when I live alone.
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