Who phoned me from 08000232588

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(Anonymous user)
November 9th  2013 14:45
Who is this?
no message left
(Anonymous user)
March 10th  2014 12:17
Think it's SKY
I 'googled' this telephone number as I get kept calls at home, but no messages were ever left and when I picked up, no-one would speak. I saw on another forum that it turned out to be SKY. No idea why they don't speak or leave a missive though...
(Anonymous user)
May 2nd  2014 19:35
I really do think it is Sky
I really do think it is Sky.

I have just requested a MAC to depart from Sky (was actually with Be, service now taken over by Sky), young lady caller knew all about it.

Requested feedback as to why I was leaving. No attempt to sell me anything.
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