Who phoned me from 08000285085

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(Anonymous user)
February 17th  2012 17:13
need to know
i want to call back using my celphone
(Anonymous user)
January 18th  2013 20:38
I think it's BT
I rang this back and it was BT with a recorded message saying they had tried to phone me but had received no answer, if they still needed to contact me they would call back.
If you call it from the cellphone there will be a charge, its free from a landline though.
(Anonymous user)
July 25th  2014 04:34
this phone no is not bt its a scam
Call U Back Laterz
(Anonymous user)
July 19th  2016 16:57
BT SCAMMERS 08000285085
BT scammers Phoned 2day confirming that my payment has been recieved to day. no it hasn't i haven't paided it yet & i
Juct called him dumb stupid dick
and he tried to sell my some other stuff i just put the phone down. Asian voice with a british name
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