Who phoned me from 08001389084

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(Anonymous user)
August 31st  2012 19:07
Recorded message: "you were called today about a survey, if you have any questions..."

I wasn't called today about a survey and I'm TPS registered. Hung up.
(Anonymous user)
August 31st  2012 19:19
Just called back again a few minutes after the first call. They claim to be "Consumer Choice on behalf of UK Consumer Lifestyle", are based in India judging by the accent and wanted to conduct a survey and "not a sales call" (yeah, right).
Mike H
(Anonymous user)
September 15th  2012 16:16
We received a call today. Now claiming to be Consumers Today, calling on behalf of Consumer Lifestyles !
As soon as we mentioned TPS they put the phone down.

I've logged a complaint with TPS
fed up with these calls
(Anonymous user)
September 17th  2012 17:59
Consumer preference sewrvices they say I E mailed them
(Anonymous user)
August 8th  2013 16:58
Very distressing
My elderly mother - who has signed up to TPS - had a very distressing call today from this number. The caller was extremely persistent - and even though my mother hung up he just waited until she picked up,the phone again to continue.
Fortunately she did not disclose any private information - which was a good thing as he was pushing her to answer very personal questions.
(Anonymous user)
August 9th  2013 09:56
This is a survey company B warned hang up!!!
This is an international company 008001389084 also 08001389084
Local UK office = Affiniti Integrated Solutions Ltd, Melbourne House, Brandy Carr Road, Wrenthorpe, Wakefield, West Yorkshire. WF2 0UG 01924 888 888

They state you emailed them but what occurs in they have phishing software on several sites that capture your email or IP address details Hence they caught my details but they then had to do a track of my IP address to gain my landline phone number. They can then lie through their teeth stating you contacted them.
(Anonymous user)
August 21st  2013 18:20
Yep I too have just had a call, never answered it as I have caller ID and always look at the number first will be reporting this and get it blocked.
(Anonymous user)
August 22nd  2013 16:05
Despite such numbers supposedly being blocked, I too have been called by this number. Who is it?
(Anonymous user)
December 4th  2013 22:45
December 4th 2013 evening
This lot are scammers phishing for personal details under the guise of a survey. Always Indians with names like Patrick or Jeremy. You gotta smile. Previously they've used 'UK Today'. The fake phone number is new. How do they do that? When they call, I always find it a good time to test my smoke alarm!
(Anonymous user)
January 11th  2014 14:42
Absolutely fed up
Between 6 & 11 January 2014 I have had 14 calls from this number, I did answer the first one who said in a very foreign voice that his name was Alec & he wasn't trying to sell me anything but when I persisted in knowing which company he was representing he hung up, they never leave a message on answer machine, but I have caller ID so do not answer
(Anonymous user)
February 19th  2014 12:59
Very persistant!
Just had a call saying it was a simple survey and there were no personal questions. Started asking for full name, age group so said I'd rather not answer. I' m also on TPS. I then apologised and said I'd rather not take part so said goodbye and hung up the phone. They called me back instantly. I hung up without answering! They then called AGAIN instantly! I spoke to him and he continued to say there would be no personal questions but I firmly said my baby was sleeping and to stop calling me! Annoying!
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