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(Anonymous user)
December 13th  2012 18:10
been having calls from this number. at twattish times as well. any ideas?
(Anonymous user)
December 18th  2012 15:08
Same here, when I answer they hang up! Fuckers!
(Anonymous user)
November 26th  2013 11:54
BT Sales auto- dial
They don't just 'hang-up', it's a telesales auto-dial system. A computer dials the number, if someone answers - as opposed to an answering service, or no answer - the time and day of call is logged, and then a person will then call you at that time either immediately, or next day, or week.
On this number it is BT trying to push BT Infinity
Roger, Peacehaven
(Anonymous user)
September 2nd  2014 12:05
BT Infinity
It's BT pushing their infinity broadband - obviously it's rubbish and it is not selling as well as they'd like. People don't know or can't be bothered perhaps but drop a note to BT at Freepost BS 6295,Bristol,BS1 2BR giving your details and they should remove your name & phone number from their telemarketing lists. I've just done this so here's hoping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Anonymous user)
October 7th  2014 16:52
nuisance call
Silent call and no attempt at leaving a message. If it is BT as above I will be telling them to fix my email before I even think of buying anything else from them. If there was another service in my area I would bin them completely
(Anonymous user)
December 14th  2017 15:31
Still at it.
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