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(Anonymous user)
June 8th  2012 20:05
More nuisance
Getting calls at all times of day from these pricks. Silent when answered. Ofcom? Bunch of twats.
(Anonymous user)
July 11th  2012 18:06
I too have been
... getting calls from this number, several times a day. There's no one, man or machine on the other end. I don't release my private mobile number to commercial concerns, to unknown systems nor to my email accounts. I've never been harrassed due to my phone company. The only exception to this seems to be the organisation A4E, to whom I gave my number a week before these calls started. .....
Toon Paul
(Anonymous user)
July 30th  2012 16:45
3 mobile Tossers
This is 3 mobile ringing you with an 'exclusive' customer offer, which is available only to every man, woman, and child on the planet. You can ring this number back and go through options to have your number removed from their calling list, but does it work? I highly doubt it.
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August 15th  2012 15:29
yes, these are the 3 mobile annoying-people
(Anonymous user)
August 22nd  2012 22:58
3-What a joke!
It rings me from several numbers ending 84489 and 84493 several times a day. Really annoying especially if you tell them to remove your number from their database. Doesn't work, it stops for 2-3 months and the ringing starts all over again. I am waiting for the contract to end and I am moving to another provider!!!!Had enough of unprofessionall 3 Network. If they dont take simple customers' wishes into consideration then thats not a network. Thats hassling and bullying!!!! Also very unhelpfull when your phone break!. All a sudden all sales people disapear from the shop floor. They are all nice when you buying from them but when things go wrong they are ever so rude and ignorant and don't bother to help you. Shite!
(Anonymous user)
October 12th  2012 21:43
Nuisance calls from 3
They were trying to sell me another 3 contract but I politely declined to which the sales girl appears to taken umbridge as she hung up on me and i've been bombarded with nuisance calls ever since. They leave silent messages on my voicemail if I don't answer and there is nobody there if I do answer. I shall be submitting a complaint!!!
(Anonymous user)
January 17th  2013 15:28
I do like these calls. Answer them and put them on mute, going to start taking bets on how many times they say "hello" before giving up.
(Anonymous user)
February 1st  2013 14:01
Driving me mad
I've been recieving calls from them for a couple of weeks at all times of day/night. My latest phone contract is with 3 so that's even more annoying and you are right, nobody on the end of th phone most times and a really bad line if they do speak.
(Anonymous user)
February 6th  2013 15:40
I've been recieving calls this week and I am fed up call because I am can't heard that ring ring ring and I am usedful text always.
(Anonymous user)
February 7th  2013 14:25
Luckily my phone has a reject function i just it to the list and my phone just blocks it before it rings :)
(Anonymous user)
April 12th  2013 16:35
Which phone has this block feature I would like to get the same. Thanks. Sasha
(Anonymous user)
June 11th  2013 20:22
Call Barring
I recently changed my phone to an S4 at 3. When I was leaving the store, the salesperson asked why I had made that choice. I told her that the phone had great call barring facilities, which meant that I could bar all the calls from 3 sales people, because they were really getting on my nerves. Imagine the look I got....

Problem is, the currently to the best mobile data package in the UK, so what do you do....?
Mister Dog
(Anonymous user)
June 11th  2013 21:25
Three times daily, at work and at home! I wish they'd fuck off.
(Anonymous user)
July 16th  2013 19:44
Nuisance calls from 3
Twats of 3 Mobile , had 9 phone calls and one text but had 3 calls today on 0800-358-4491 twice , 0800-358-4489, even phone and asked for all marketing calls and texts to stop 16.49 and was told I would not get any more , but still getting them. So think its time to complain though "OS-communications.org"
(Anonymous user)
July 29th  2013 16:22
Receiving constant calls at bizarre times and unsociable hours. This is extremely unacceptable. I am also a 3 Customer and had I realised they would do this I would not have joined. This is NOT customer service but harassment.
(Anonymous user)
August 16th  2013 08:26
3 unbelievable
I have only just started a new conract and they are phoning to offer me a new contract....WTF!!!
(Anonymous user)
August 30th  2013 15:59
3 is the magic number
Why are they calling me at work 3-4 times a day up-until 8pm.... im not impressed... i bought your friggin product, it's got 16months left on the contract...so WTF are you calling me for?!!
Telepest Hater
(Anonymous user)
August 30th  2013 17:34
Pain in the backside
They've been calling me up to four times a day, when I'm at work I just don't appreciate it. Leave me alone.
(Anonymous user)
September 27th  2013 16:11
Constant day and night
Various variation sof 0800 358 XXXX has been calling me constantly all day and into the night for about a week now. I've just swiped to answer it every time then let THEM deal with the silence and say hello hello over and over then when they hang up, block that number.

Unfortunately they obvious own many different numbers so just call from a different line. I've just had another that was auto blocked and a voicemail with an automated message saying if I wanted to upgrade blah blah...only been with a few months. Very annoying but as someone else has said, best data package on offer so I'll just continue to 'answer' it and let them waste THEIR time and money. Idiots.
(Anonymous user)
October 25th  2013 15:58
Same here
Calls at work, at home and at every hour you care to mention.
In the process of trying to block it but not sure if that will help judging by the above comments.
(Anonymous user)
November 1st  2013 11:51
Utter pests
Every time I bar one number, they just call me from another, which I promptly ignore as I believe it to be a spam call, google it (which usually brings me to this site), realise my gut instinct was correct, and then repeat the process 2-3 times per day with them just trying from another number. I'm completely fed up.
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