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Toon Paul
(Anonymous user)
July 30th  2012 16:41
3 mobile
This is 3 mobile ringing you with an 'exclusive' customer offer, which is available only to every man, woman, and child on the planet. You can ring this number back and go through options to have your number removed from their calling list, but does it work? I highly doubt it.
(Anonymous user)
July 30th  2012 20:51
Each time I blacklist their number, a few weeks later they try again with a different one, they try while I'm at work where I can be disciplined for using my mobile, they try late at night, next time I think I'll answer & pretend I want their stuff & see how long I can waste their time. Hmm, I could record it (there might be an idea for a website if there's not one already) The point is, if I wanted anything from them, I would call them, I'm fed up with people flogging their crap to all & sundry, anyway, sorry for ranting, cheers for letting me find out their number
Eric Von Gittfinger
(Anonymous user)
July 31st  2012 19:26
Yep It's them again sadface. Just like a Tamagochi so very needy. Who wants a relationship with their phone-mobile broadband provider. Each time you actually speak to some telesales bod in Bangalor or Dheli and insist that they stop contacting you with their offers they wait until next month and start the harassment all over again. So even when you remember to tick that don't spam me box they do anyway. No wonder everyone hates their phone company.
(Anonymous user)
August 6th  2012 16:33
08093584491/ 92/ 93 etc...
I also keep getting calls from these numbers and they claim to be Three. It is obviously a scam and this caller was saying that as a reward for being a loyal Three customer I could have the phone of my choice, iPhone etc. I immediately said I did not want one and hung up. They keep pestering me and leaving blank answer phone messages. Three couldn't block the call and advised me to download Iblacklist App (this cost me £1.50 and it did not work at all, so I deleted it). Best way to manage 1. Add the numbers to your phone book and give these particular callers a Silent ring tone 2) temporarily remove answerphone altogether.
(Anonymous user)
August 7th  2012 15:31
Yes, I answered phone and decline offer but they carried on calling same day, then have continued 5 times a day hit the last week!
(Anonymous user)
August 8th  2012 02:30
Three seem to especially like doing this when you're abroad so that if you do answer you pay 99p for the privilege of these magical offers in Vengaluru English, rather than not getting botgher at home. Theiving bastards!
(Anonymous user)
August 8th  2012 14:16
International Roaming
You would think they would be able to tell that I am roaming internationally and that answering this call is gonna cost me serious money. They seem to have left about six messages on my voicemail system too, and I'm not picking them up. Good to know what it is though :-)
(Anonymous user)
August 9th  2012 21:11
I am getting the same thing - I advised 3 that i was traveling abroad - in last 6 days i have had 15 calls from 3 - of course i refuse to answer them - it looks like a scam that 3 are running -
(Anonymous user)
February 13th  2013 19:51
Every day ... EVERY DAY!
Honestly I've just had enough of these calls now. Each time the phone rings I ignore it and it goes to answer machine it cuts dead, which suggests its likely an automated service. I personally would love to thank 3 for that, I didn't realise that a caveat of having a cheaper tariff than with Vodafone would mean that I'd get pestered by this number ¬_¬
(Anonymous user)
May 20th  2013 15:06
I have to agree with most of you. They keep on calling and calling and calling and they don't stop. I always decline the call everytime they ring. What should I do?
(Anonymous user)
May 20th  2013 16:43
Called me twice today the cunts, got an app to clock them so I never pick up an unrecognised number, always check it on here first. Three are major spammers, along with PPI companies
Simon Tolson
(Anonymous user)
May 23rd  2013 20:54
I keep getting calls on 0800 358 4492
I keep getting annoying calls from:

0800 358 4481
0800 358 4492
0800 358 4493
0800 358 4486
0800 358 4494
0800 358 4487
0800 358 4480
(Anonymous user)
May 26th  2013 08:45
they stopped calling me for 2 months and i thought great but oh no they started again you cant stop them, ive just put wanker in my contact list, it doesnt stop them but its better than ignoring a number
(Anonymous user)
July 2nd  2013 19:35
Thank you for the information I keep getting these calls from them they call me twice a day once in the morning and once in the afternoon.
I picked up 3 months ago I remember it was the same number and told the guy off for harrassing me informing them that if I wanted something from 3 I would call customer services and request offers from them he understood and apologised for disturbing me interestingly it started again.
No way to block these people at all then?
(Anonymous user)
July 2nd  2013 19:53
I've blocked each individual number but a new one calls each day! Never will I choose 3 again :(
(Anonymous user)
July 11th  2013 19:25
I answered the phone and was offered an iPad2 at a good monthly price, so I accepted the offer and everything was fine until my first bill was taken out on the wrong date so I called 3 to question this and was told I made the purchase in Scotland lol I live in Leicester and work every day so I know this was bollocks plus I know I purchased ofer the phone, I gave the bloke from three the number that called me he said it wasn't a a three number so I searched on google for this number and told him my results and he said it may be someone trying to obtain my details, WANKERS lol, so I canceled my card and ordered a new one, this is not a three number!!!!!!!
(Anonymous user)
July 11th  2013 20:22
Fucking pains in the arsses
These wankers keep calling me, so I eventually answered it and told the guy to suck my dick and fuck off. Every time I'm at work aswell they do it, bunch of scammer bastards.
(Anonymous user)
July 29th  2013 20:04
these dudes are really brushing my hair the wrong way they've been calling me almost every day on end and it's getting on my last nerve

(Anonymous user)
July 31st  2013 20:26
Also fed up - blocked ::-(
(Anonymous user)
August 31st  2013 16:19
here we go again!
This number has been calling me for months, I stopped getting calls for a few weeks and thought they had got the message, But The calls have now started again, from 6am up untill 10pm I don't answer but it's very annoying, wish they would jog on, I will never have anything from 3 they're a pain in the arse!!
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