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(Anonymous user)
February 3rd  2012 16:00
Hung up very fast
I'm a Santander Customer:
They called my mobile this afternoon and within 2seconds they hung up. Just as I was about to take the call. It might be good for the caller to be able to say they "called 150-odd customers but there was no answer" but this is a bad product by their caller. And it reflects badly on Santander too. The call-in centre need to get hold of this before it winds up too many of their customers (would me up a bit: wasted time, basically).
(Anonymous user)
March 9th  2012 13:42
Extreme Nuisance
This number calls my mobile 3 or 4 times a day. If I see the call coming through, I recognise the number and delete the call. If I miss the call they let it go to answerphone but leave no message. They are costing me my phone credit to listen to non-messages.
(Anonymous user)
May 8th  2012 20:34
If this is Santander they had better 'get real' as I have them referred to the Financial Ombudsman already and they have just called again at 8.30 pm Tuesday 8th May 2012.
(Anonymous user)
October 19th  2012 14:46
IT IS A SCAM, and yes, it still reflects poorly on Santander, who I think must have allowed customer phone numbers to fall into the hands of a conman, who probably works for them.
(Anonymous user)
June 26th  2013 14:36
Ringing me for months
every other day but i always ignore it after my first experience with this fone number. When someone starts asking for personnal details then they do not have it in front off them if they worked for the bank they would have no need to ask such details. I have reported it to the authorities as its a massive scam that puts the bank at high risk off losing many customers.
(Anonymous user)
August 11th  2013 22:24
Is it a scam
I havent been with Santander for almost a year, so when a lady called me asking for my personal details i got annoyed. She told me that my account had not been shut properly and that I needed to go into a branch again to close it. I had closed my account 3 times before I actually succeeded, so to hear that it was in fact NOT closed was infuriating. I told her this was horrible customer service and hung up. Now this number calls me 3 times daily. Is it a scam? Or has my old account details been compromised??

Still unsure but do not want to answer again.

(Anonymous user)
September 5th  2013 23:41
Repeat calls
Had 3 calls today, no message left on 2 occasions, and hung up with 2 secs on the 3 rd call .
Who are these people? And who should they be reported to, if it is a scam.
(Anonymous user)
September 1st  2014 13:04
Definitely a scam
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