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(Anonymous user)
April 21st  2012 19:44
British Gas
To install a new electricity meter
(Anonymous user)
February 18th  2013 13:50
Said needed to change gas and electric meter
Checked with British Gas, no record of this property needing a change of meter to either gas or electric. SCAM, don't give out any personal details.
If they want access to do this you will have this in writing!
(Anonymous user)
February 11th  2014 13:20
British gas
My mum got phone call from this number about having new smart meters put in, i checked out her british gas account online and she was booked in for new smart meters on there so it is a genuine british gas number
(Anonymous user)
April 9th  2017 18:29
British Gas have a web page where you can check if a number is one of theirs. This one isn't, so it is a definite scam. The other giveaway is that they called me and I don't have a gas supply. Also, it would be Unite Utilities.
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