Who phoned me from 08082840145

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(Anonymous user)
October 10th  2012 09:51
Missed call 08082840145
Voicemail was blank - who was this ?
(Anonymous user)
October 23rd  2012 16:24
0808 284 0145 vanqis sales
(Anonymous user)
December 10th  2012 20:11
Got call today trying to offer me stuff !!!
Vanquis, got a call today
(Anonymous user)
March 12th  2013 16:22
It rang twice for me, so I called back and it said it was Steller(?) UK on behalf of their client but that they would call back....can't wait!
(Anonymous user)
September 5th  2013 17:11
0808 2840145 belongs to a company called Steller UK as Anon mentions above. One of their clients is Vanquis who are a credit card company and they try to sell add ons to your credit card like insurances. If you dont have a credit card with Vanquis then as they are trying to sell you a product and they are based in the UK,the calls can be stopped I believe, through the call preference servis service
(Anonymous user)
October 9th  2013 09:59
Claiming to be from Barclays
0808 2840145 called today claiming to be from Barclays Bank. The person they asked for does not have an a/c with BB and was not available so no further conversation made.
(Anonymous user)
November 8th  2013 17:36
Claiming to be Vanquis
When I answered call. She said its from Vanquis. Then I said what are my last 4 digits if they are genuine. They had no idea.
Bogus company.
(Anonymous user)
November 14th  2013 14:44
If you call 0844 4097636
you can opp out of the calls
(Anonymous user)
November 27th  2013 12:47
spam bloody spam
this caller on my mobile - so I rang it back and it said call will be charged for this number -yeah go figure ! asked for my husband and I said who was calling and they wouldn't tell me anything - that is unusual in itself. The Scottish male voice said it was a business call - so why did they not call his business number? when I rang back the automated voice service said they were stella uk (steller maybe) and they are a marketing company whos services might be of interested as have been passed details by another relevant company. just to let you and them know - if you are on the do not call register and make sure all boxes for NO EMAILS TEXTS CALLS ETC ETC - these companies are breaking the law calling you
(Anonymous user)
February 14th  2014 12:54
Still on-going
Caller asked to speak to daughter not available. Caller refused to state reason for call other than "information" quoting Data Protection Act - ha, flipping, ha based on *their* intrusion!
Called number back, answer message with number to call to be "de-listed" - 0844 409 7635
Reported via TPS (previously registered) so this company is cold-calling, in breach of regulations.
(Anonymous user)
February 20th  2014 12:30
Cold call
They know I had a vanquis account and told me it was vanquis calling .....bloody liars
(Anonymous user)
May 27th  2014 10:57
answered a call for my husband from these people. All though I had a name they would not tell me which company they were from. I told them that as i was his wife and they wouldn't tell me who they were that i wouldn't wake him up to speak to them. They put the phone down. Got telephone number from 1471. When it rang it said Stella uk. With unknown numbers now i always investigate.
(Anonymous user)
August 26th  2014 13:00
spam silent call
the call will likely cost you
and its probably some insurance , ppi or other similar crap

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