Who phoned me from 08434106629

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(Anonymous user)
January 31st  2013 15:48
Another Recorded message
Wastes time
(Anonymous user)
February 1st  2013 15:08
Received 2-30pm 01/02/2013
Phone line goes dead when receiver picked up.
Been having loads of pestering calls like this, some from TALK TALK.
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February 4th  2013 11:34
Still at it!
More annoying than anything else. In a similar vein to newspaper stories re texts do not answer these as they can sell on "live numbers".
(Anonymous user)
February 5th  2013 13:07
"Haddon Injuries"
was ringing me about an "injury" i could claim for.
(Anonymous user)
February 5th  2013 15:59
Time waste
Wasting my time and disturbing
(Anonymous user)
February 6th  2013 10:24
Injury compensation
A recorded message lied and told me I could claim compensation for an injury I never had. He asked to press 5 to speak to a representative. I let it continue just to waste their money.
(Anonymous user)
February 6th  2013 15:19
injury again (Haddons)
recorded message - hung up
(Anonymous user)
February 6th  2013 17:20
Wasting my time
Who is this? I m expo rectory, have telephone pref, they said I d asked for calls! Never!
(Anonymous user)
February 6th  2013 17:40
Buy and blow a whistle...!!! Grrrr!
This number just called me on my mobile! A woman called 'Sarah' offering debt advice/offering loan to pay off debt. (I have no debt whatsoever - cleared it all in December :o)) I'm so tempted to press '5' (to speak to 'Sarah') and blow a whistle LOUDLY!! I'm NOT going to press anything though as this could just as easily be a cost trap (Whereby you end up paying a fortune for the cost of the call etc)... so, so tempting to get the whistle out though!!!! :p
(Anonymous user)
February 7th  2013 16:29
Feds say 39 arrested in 23 states USA .4 arrested in England in ID theft ring in USA. England and Germany the follow with the same numbers

(001) (0044) (049)

08434106629 / 02070606042 / 01618505451 / 08434101709 / 01229808179 / 08447044755 / 01204397400 / 07875595895 / 01512510373 / 03 336 00 512 / 01535358094 / 01789473836 / 01702214459 / 01613126506 / 01613128082 / 01744882949 for USA / England / Germany WARNING!!!
(Anonymous user)
February 8th  2013 09:33
08434106629 - personal injury. Get this on a regular basis
(Anonymous user)
February 8th  2013 15:49
Getting 1-2 of these every day
I didn't pick-up, I just added the number to the phone's block list. That block list is getting pretty damned long.

Isn't it Ofcom that's supposed to shut these companies down? About time Ofcom earned our money.
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