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(Anonymous user)
July 19th  2013 10:54
Pest caller
Repated calls with no message but other websites say it's the usual pests trying to sell loft insulation
(Anonymous user)
September 17th  2013 16:18
Hung Up when I answered
Pest caller!
(Anonymous user)
November 15th  2013 16:18
Wrong name and address
Called me and want to speak to 'Mr Fenwick' - not me - pushed them where they got that name and number and they came up with worlds worst story

Bought data from 'Post Code Database'

And had just one line of an address with wrong post code

They then hung up when I kept asking for callers name and company name to report them
Fed Up
(Anonymous user)
December 13th  2013 17:16
I have had 2 calls off these today.
More unwanted calls plaguing me.
That's at least 11 calls, off 3 different company's this week.
And that's just the ones I know about
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