Who phoned me from 08444152210

Had a call from 08444152210? Post a comment to let other know who was calling.

(Anonymous user)
June 15th  2013 14:16
Need help to identify this one
This number appeared on my June 2013 phone bill. Since no one would have been at home at the time and date shown on my bill, I wonder if it could have been yet another blinking rubbish call, but in this case one who reversed the charge in some way. As the cost of the call was only 19p + vat, I am not going to do anything else about it for now, but am going to keep an eye out for it in the future. If anyone does find out who this caller is, can they please put a posting on here and then at least I will know, and will update this comment if necessary.
(Anonymous user)
May 6th  2017 08:31
I had 4 calls from them yesterday and the same charged at 19p plus VAT
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