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(Anonymous user)
November 1st  2012 08:26
Card fraud alert!
If asked to call this number don't!

Be cautious if you are given the name John Moore from Canary Wharf claiming to be from Barclays fraud dept for a £1500 transaction from an Apple store. Challenge it by asking for an exact address etc.
He said 'c_nt' and hung up!
(Anonymous user)
December 10th  2012 13:43
He may have said "can't" as in "can not". The number is provided by Barclaycard (Goldfish Card) Customer Services for calls to them.
My father and I used the number on 22nd November 2012 at 11:32:11 and the operative was helpful and resolved our issue satisfactorily.
(Anonymous user)
December 10th  2012 13:39
Provided by Barclaycard (Goldfish Card) Customer Services for calls to them.
(Information correct as at 22nd November 2012 11:32:11).
(Anonymous user)
September 9th  2016 06:12
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