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July 31st  2013 18:10
Nusiance call from Orange - Unsollicited
The number although from Orange will continue calling you even if you have already talked to a sales rep telling them you are not interested in what they have to offer as you have what you need. Despite this in 2 days, we had seven calls from this number automatic dialler with nobody on the other end. Only knew it was Orange as googled the number. Called Orange direct and they said they would unsubsribe us which should mean no more calls. Unfortunately, the next day, another call from the same number. This time, I spoke to a person. When I told him, he shouldn't be calling as I had contacted their call centre to be taken off. He said I wasn't taken off - subsequently patronised me by saying "So, what, you are not interested in rewards then?". It really isn't rewards when they want you to take something else and pay for it - something you don't need. Orange - for being such a large company you should be ashamed and have better practices. Once someone has said NOT interested - we should
(Anonymous user)
August 9th  2013 10:19
No coverage - nuisance cut off!
Brilliant! If it was Orange then their terrible service bit them on the backside as the call was cut off by poor network coverage. Norfolk is very poorly serviced by Orange/EE in every aspect.
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