Who phoned me from 08452860303

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(Anonymous user)
June 18th  2013 19:29
when phoned i would like to know who you are and what you want
(Anonymous user)
October 10th  2013 14:49
It's Orange
I had this number call and hang up the second i answer. Turns out its orange and you can opt out when you return the call. Appears to have worked too.
(Anonymous user)
November 9th  2013 11:40
Yes It's Orange
Same happed to me, Yes it's orange. The number has called me 3 times this week and hung up as soon as I answer.
(Anonymous user)
March 4th  2014 12:24
A call from a busy / noisy call centre, can you call back she asked..

No I replied and hung up
(Anonymous user)
June 10th  2014 14:01
Same for me
I had the same. They wanted me to confirm my information over the phone. I told her I didn't pass information out over the phone. I asked her for any details she could confirm about my account and said she couldn't until I confirmed who I was. She then said "are you happy with me now, as I can't waste my time on the phone confirming who I am all day". I said "ok then, bye"
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