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(Anonymous user)
November 1st  2011 22:36
Does anyone know who calls from this number..???
Have had umpteen missed calls from this number.
(Anonymous user)
March 14th  2012 12:41
It is Lloyds TSB fairly new number for Freud Team. Either call back via this number or through banks main contact number. They will help you!
(Anonymous user)
November 7th  2011 11:32
LLOYDSTSB Card Fraud Alert Team
It's an automated message asking you to call them. I've had this before and it takes you through some transactions they believe may be fraudulent.
(Anonymous user)
January 2nd  2012 20:47
Cold calls to my mobile number
Have had 3 missed calls and a voice mail left on my mobile. I dont bank with Lloyds TSB, so don't know why they have contacted me.
(Anonymous user)
January 26th  2012 09:15
Yeah lloyts ciammato
(Anonymous user)
February 16th  2012 20:32
It's not lloyds tsb
I'm a lloyds customer and they've confirmed this isnt them calling. I sent them the number but you'll find it'll stop soon anyway. These guys only operate for a short time so they dont get tracked down
(Anonymous user)
February 18th  2012 13:00
This IS LloydsTSB
I called them back and was able to confirm that it was Lloyds by asking them some security questions about my account that only somebody with complete access to my account would know. My debit card has apparently been used fraudulenttly and so has been cancelled. I was able to confirm this by rining the number on the back of my card and checking that the card had been cancelled and the name of the person with whom I had originally spoken
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April 26th  2013 16:04

IT IS 100% A SCAM!!

Any comments saying it is geniune are posted by the fraudsters themselves!!

(Anonymous user)
February 23rd  2012 16:57
I think this is LLoyds TSB
I have had overseas transactions for £1 coming out my account and fees for exchange rates.
(Anonymous user)
March 14th  2012 12:37
This really is Llyods TSB (08453510192)
Be bothered 2 check 4 yourself! Lloyds Freud Team new number. Contacted me RE attempts on card. Card cancelled, new one on way. Good job Lloyds! If anyone doubts, check with Lloyds direct, don't pay attention 2 scare mongers. Internet is not 1 stop shop 4 truth and don't think anyone should believe what they read, even this! Must take issue direct with bank. A pain 2 sit thru auto menus on phone, but that's our world! Or continue 2 have someone attempt 2 use your card, also our world!
(Anonymous user)
April 13th  2012 10:20
This is genuine from Lloyds TSB
I had two calls on my mobile this morning and when calling back was convinced it was a scam and hung up half way through. I then called my Lloyds TSB branch and they confirmed that 3 fraudulent transactions had been attempted so my card was stopped etc...I am really glad I double checked and didn't just believe the people above who said it was a scam and to ignore. The amounts they tried to take were quite significant.
(Anonymous user)
August 9th  2012 22:25
This number is the Lloyds Fraud automessage
It is indeed an automated warning call from the lloyds Bank Fraud cell. I checked with lloyds phone banking and they verified that it is a number that calls you if a raud warning on your card is triggered for large amounts. I was told that 95% of fraud s committed using Ebuyer, and flight purchases, I tried to buy a computer from Ebuyer and the card transaction was duly blocked by Lloyds as a precation. It is all genuine.
(Anonymous user)
September 7th  2012 10:37
08453510192 LloydsTSB
I'm a Lloyds customer and received a call from this number.
The call was to my unlisted Landline. This number has to be fraudulent because I have not given my landline number to Lloyds
(Anonymous user)
October 6th  2012 23:08
I'm a Lloyds customer so i contacted Lloyds about this as i keep getting missed calls and voicemail messages from this number. I gave Lloyds the number and they didn't recognise it, one of them even rang the number and got through to the voicemail of an Irishman? I have checked my bank details and nothing suspecious has happened at all on my account, yet i'm getting 3 calls a day from this number. Oh, and some of the voicemail messages there is the sounds of a guy breathing before an automated messages begins.
(Anonymous user)
October 28th  2012 15:20
I rang Lloyds to be sure and it wasn't them, so ignore it. Keep an eye on your bank balance!
(Anonymous user)
January 10th  2013 15:03
This number is genuine - Lloyds Fraud Protection.
Hi all
Can confirm this is definitely Lloyds. I called their general number and although they didn't officially recognise the number, the lady I spoke to had a similar call herself a few weeks earlier, which was genuine. She explained they would only ask for my birth year (pick the right option) and then enter birth day and month. That's the only details they ask for, and then it reads out a transaction which has triggered their fraud detection service.
Very glad I called back, someone had run up about £900 on my card in the past hour. They cancelled my card and authorised refunds for the pending transactions. They are sending me an itemised transaction list which I need to sign and send back saying that they weren't mine.
If you don't trust the number, then at least be sure to check your account over the following days .. !

Good luck.

Mike Mckay
(Anonymous user)
February 25th  2013 09:43
Debt collection agency
This is a debt collection agency, they are chasing the previous occupant of this address who moved out over 10 years ago and most definitely ISNT Anything directly to do with Lloyds TSB so the people claiming it is must be employees of the debt collectors trying to trick people into picking up the phone

I daresay the company might also chase Lloyds TSB debts but its 100% positively NOT lloyds TSB themselves
(Anonymous user)
July 2nd  2013 17:43
Definitely Lloyds TSB
It's definitely Lloyds TSB. I received an automated message which told me that several transactions had been blocked on my account. I rang the number and got an automated response which asked for my date of birth. Got a bit suspicious so I checked my bank account online (which showed nothing suspicious). To double check I rang the number on the back of my bank card (0845 3000000). Eventually got through to Lloyds fraud department and there HAD been several fraudulent transactions on my account.
If you still believe that it's a scam then don't ring the automated number, but make sure that you get hold of Lloyds and check your account.
(Anonymous user)
September 8th  2013 11:00

Today I got call from this number, saying that it is from Lloyds fraud department. They asked me do I recognize two transactions, one from ASDA second from Ibis. I had nothing to do with Ibis, so They redirected my call to this woman. She asked me all data from my card and my address. As She was asking me all this data, I got suspicious and hung up. Same moment I rung to Lloyds and They said that some money has been taken off my account, but there was no money transfers to Ibis. They used Ibis as a bite and I fell for it :(
Thanks to Lloyds I didn't loose any money. Be careful THIS IS SCAM.

They knew about my ASDA transaction. HOW?!?!?! Maybe ASDA online shopping is not secure enough.
(Anonymous user)
September 14th  2013 13:53
It's a scam
I phoned Lloyds bank who put me through to their Fraud Dept. They hadn't phoned me and did not recognise this as being one of their numbers.
(Anonymous user)
October 25th  2013 11:07
Dont ring this number
This is NOT Lloyds its a scam.
I went in to my bank and they dont recognise this as being one of their numbers.
(Anonymous user)
January 28th  2014 13:24
I had a missed call from this number so like all numbers I do not recognise I google them and could see on some sites that some was saying it's Lloyds fraud and some saying its fake so I just spoke to a woman from the fraud team in Lloyds she checked my account and said there were nothing highlighted on my account and asked for the phone number she checked and it was nothing to do with them and told me not to give out any details online or phone calls that I may be suspicious of, and most of the people on here commenting saying it's a legit number are ''anon'' hmmmm I wonder why??
(Anonymous user)
February 26th  2014 16:05
This IS LloydsTSB 100 %
it is lyoyds bank i just phoned em back its a good job i did 26 tranasction was made from usa totalling 186.10p from a phone company and i live in uk my cards been blocked and new one being sent in a few days and the money credited back to my account if i listened to the idiots that said this a scam i would be broke by now and no chance of getting my money back
(Anonymous user)
November 30th  2015 15:42
Has to be a scam
Had several calls but different call back numbers and different 'ticket' codes to enter.
I can see no motive at all for people on here to say it is a scam if it is not but every reason for scammers to post comments that it is genuine.
(Anonymous user)
November 30th  2015 17:04
I was wrong
Having made a comment to say definitely a scam I was still a bit concerned so called the number on the back of my debit card. It is a nightmare to get through to a real person but I pressed on.
After a hold I was told fraud dept had made the automated calls. I was put through with a ref to quote. Long wait but eventually got someone. A 'test' purchase had been made on the card in the US. If you have on line banking go to the account and look for pending transactions. If they have blocked one it will be there. If you see anything odd it will be worth making the call.
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