Who phoned me from 08454638893

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(Anonymous user)
June 23rd  2017 13:43
Don't know
Silent call - called back - unrecognised number
(Anonymous user)
June 29th  2017 12:23
Another Energy Scam
Extra Energy.

Asian sounding lady said that she wanted to help me with my electricity contract. I asked where she was based and she said 'West Midlands' - I asked for an address and she hung up.

Clearly trained to end the call when they think that someone is trying to get information to report them to Telephone preference.
(Anonymous user)
July 4th  2017 17:28
Waste of Time
Rung twice within space of an hour or 2 by 2 different people, one claining to be from EoN another some dubious Electricity supplier wanting to help with my business electricity contract.

Merest sniff of being rumbled they put the phone down.

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