Who phoned me from 08456088545

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(Anonymous user)
November 25th  2011 12:46
Stockton on tees benefit delivery centre
This is the bdc for the greater north east area

if this number is calling you then a Decision has probably been made on somthing you are waiting for

ie crisis loan sanction appeal etc.
(Anonymous user)
March 9th  2012 11:13
benefit inquiries
(Anonymous user)
April 3rd  2012 15:59
income supportbenefits
(Anonymous user)
May 11th  2012 12:10
its the benefits line for income support or job seekers
(Anonymous user)
September 26th  2012 13:09
If you are given this number to call, whatever you do, go to the Job centre and use their phone.
I called it and sat on hold for ages.
When my Phone bill arrived my total calls from three attempts was £15.46 + VAT
Not what you need when you are on the bones of your arse on the Dole.
(Anonymous user)
November 26th  2012 11:45
benefits agency
in reply to DO NOT CALL THIS NUMBER it depends what phone company you are under, i know that talk talk dont charge you for 0845 numbers and landline numbers. THis is defo the benefits number i'm currently waiting for an answer to them on the phone now and yes quite a bit of waiting time.
(Anonymous user)
July 11th  2013 09:48
nothing from nothing....
comes nothing!!!
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