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November 26th  2013 03:06
1300730522 RANG ME
I get these phone call saying "this call is for (my name) and to press 1 to talk to somebody.They told me I owed money to Telstra, nearly $200 and gave me the number of the phone. it was a 9521 number which is nowhere near where I live. Then the threats came of disconnecting my phone over Christmas. I sent them many e-mails asking for answers but no reply. The thing is, I am with another carrier and have been for years so will ignore all further calls and let the Department of Fair Trading look into it.
(Anonymous user)
September 10th  2014 06:15
Constant calls from extremely rude operators
I constantly receive calls from this number asking for my son. They also call from a private number on occasion. They claim my son owes them $1284 which they are collecting on behalf of AGL. This bill has been paid. My son could not get out of his contract with AGL until the account was at zero. He has been with another provider for four years now and this issue has just arisen over the past few weeks. What can be done about these people who are either scammers or wrongly ruining people lives and credit ratings We have written to them asking them to investigate this further or we will go to the Ombudsman. They continue to threaten to us with a default being placed on my sons credit rating. It makes me so angry and they are extremely rude in their dealings with us.
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