Who phoned me from 25270600905

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(Anonymous user)
February 20th  2015 06:26
i don't know who you are
(Anonymous user)
February 21st  2015 02:41
Who called me yesterday from the above numbeR
(Anonymous user)
February 21st  2015 03:12
Who are you?
At about 7:32 pm Nigeria time. on the 20th February 2015, I got a call from +25270600605 to my +2348098123597. Please may I know who you are?
(Anonymous user)
February 23rd  2015 15:04
DO NOT put ur phone number on the internet.. Are you not supposed to be nigerian ???
You make your phone number susceptible to scammers..
I think the +252 number is a scam, to charge you cost of calls to premium numbers
(Anonymous user)
February 21st  2015 11:36
Missed call

on 20th Feb, to my line +234809815.....
@ 11:52pm
on 21st Feb to same line
@ 5:27am and 7:57am.

If it important, pls do send an SMS and stop bugging me with flashes.
(Anonymous user)
February 21st  2015 20:31
Missed Call
It is good you make your call instead of flashing my number with this line
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