Who phoned me from 3033178467

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(Anonymous user)
June 30th  2014 19:19
This is a collection agency in Aurora Colorado. They left no voice mail so I called them back and the woman name Amanda did not want to tell me where she was calling from.

This is a collection agency, or a scam. Didn't stay on the phone long enough to hear the sales pitch.
(Anonymous user)
July 13th  2015 17:21
yep, that is correct
its a collection agency, and Amanda is still there... 7-17-15
(Anonymous user)
November 11th  2015 18:40
Amanda is still there, just got a call and a voicemail. 11/11/15
(Anonymous user)
January 22nd  2016 18:59
Amanda is still there 01/22/16
(Anonymous user)
December 25th  2017 14:10
A collection agency
Got a call from them in regards to a collection attempt for court fines.
(Anonymous user)
June 1st  2018 18:41
She strikes again...
Just got the call myself, glad I went here first before picking up. 06/01/18
(Anonymous user)
July 10th  2018 19:17
Collection Agency
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