Who phoned me from 390495196000

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(Anonymous user)
September 10th  2014 09:58
marketing poll
(Anonymous user)
October 21st  2014 14:05
Now in Denmark
The number call to Denmark. 21. oct 2014
(Anonymous user)
November 6th  2014 10:13
The lady claim to be calling from Switzerland. Country code 39 is Italy. Received two calls, first from +390495196000 which is Naples in Italy, second from +390813606071 which is Padova, Italy. The distance between Padova and Naples is aprox 700 km and as it was the same lady she must have traveled pretty fast since the calls came within 15 minutes.
Oslo, Norway
(Anonymous user)
August 21st  2015 11:59
A pest and a nuisance
I receive these calls 2-3 times almost every day, marked Naples and Padova, and also Switzerland. I do not know anybody in Italy, nor in Switzerland, so I never reply the call, hoping some day they will give me up. A real pest and a nuisance!
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