Who phoned me from 443332120927

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(Anonymous user)
February 5th  2016 01:43
I have had several calls from this number
(Anonymous user)
February 15th  2016 03:59
just received a phone call from that number.. i rang it back just to know it was a telemarketing.. "claim injury insurance" as she told me that she wants to make sure that i got a correct injury claim.. she hanged up when she notice that im shock. cant blame me as i am i Australia thou
(Anonymous user)
February 24th  2016 03:34
This sounded like a Nigerian woman who said she was calling from Germany although it was from UK. Asking about a car accident I never had. They are calling me repeatedly and I don't pick up anymore.
(Anonymous user)
February 29th  2016 07:14
Don't answer
First off the called me Mr ... Had my first and last name correct but didn't realise I'm a female... Said they were calling regarding a compensation claim... You'd think if I was claiming something they'd have on file that I'm a girl....definitely dodgy
(Anonymous user)
March 3rd  2016 23:20
Con Artist, Scammer, Fraudster
Got a call from this number this morning. I have heard these calls before. You have had a motor accident , You have had a personal injury, Your claim for compensation etc, etc. I asked why she was calling from the UK . She replied she was calling from Sydney and the phone was linked to their UK headquarters I told her she was bullshitting.I terminated the call.

If you see this number on receiving a call dont waste your time . hang up immediately
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