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May 14th  2016 22:57
Beware of this fatal attracting female
This female Rita Ann royal and slot of aka,S she goes by.is a fatal attracting man thinks she can,steamer.who then plays them into being able to black mail or threaten them into being with her so only to have them take care of beer for as long as she can.at no matter what or who gets in her way she will do any means possible to get him and what she wants from him.even attempted murder. On there wives ,girlfriends even there children she will bring harm to ,rob there homes wreck into there cars like it was an accident by others fault.have her friends and children cause harm by attacking them.even assaulting and hurting them.and then will make or try to make the man think we're lying and not her.that were crazy liars not her.please it's been almost 3years testis have been going thru all this with this crazed fatal attracted of my 18year old relationship man that she thinks she can take away from me but hasn't been able to do .Yet. HER NAME IS RITA ANN ROYBAL FROM THE BAY AREA IN OAKLAND CALIFORNIA NORTH AMERICA.THANK YOU
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