Who phoned me from 5555582

Had a call from 5555582? Post a comment to let other know who was calling.

(Anonymous user)
April 11th  2013 09:52
i missed the call of this number
i wann know the caller
(Anonymous user)
May 3rd  2013 07:24
Me too! This number called me several times
(Anonymous user)
May 10th  2013 09:01
i have a call from this no. 5555582 who is this person?
(Anonymous user)
August 24th  2013 18:19
i have a call from this no. 5555582 who is this person?
(Anonymous user)
May 22nd  2013 08:15
who's next
i noticed there are now 3 people called up by this number 5555582. am the 4th, today may 22, 2013. who's next? who's really the caller? what's he/she up to?
(Anonymous user)
May 27th  2013 12:56
this number called me just now..its a girl
its a girl voice and i switch off my phone because i dont know her. This number is stranger for me.from which country is this number?why she called me?

(Anonymous user)
June 14th  2013 07:31
me to just few days this number call me
(Anonymous user)
June 21st  2013 07:56
i got also this number called me yesterday June 20, the number is +5555582... who is this? anyone knows?
(Anonymous user)
June 21st  2013 10:12
been miss called 4x
i miss a call from 5555582 today. it rang my phone 4x but was not able to answer it...
(Anonymous user)
June 21st  2013 10:46
i had a call from this strange number from what company is this. ? from where country is this from?
(Anonymous user)
June 24th  2013 09:44
annoying call from +5555582
this number keeps calling and calling ...what does this company wants????scammer..
(Anonymous user)
June 25th  2013 11:13
this number called me too.
(Anonymous user)
June 26th  2013 06:32
me too! that number calls me but i missed it twice...
(Anonymous user)
June 26th  2013 12:22
Surprising and Annoying
I thought I was the only one who have been called by this number. I was just about to find out on the internet to what country does this number came from. To my surprise, I found out that a lot of people are also claiming that they've also been called by this same number. And the same thing happened as well... that they missed the call and don't know exactly why this number called them for a few times.
(Anonymous user)
June 27th  2013 04:51
me too. this number called me yesterday. And she knows my name.
(Anonymous user)
June 28th  2013 15:58
June 28 this number called me
From xforex.com what is this company
(Anonymous user)
November 28th  2013 17:03
FOREX.com offers forex & metals trading with award winning trading platforms, tight spreads, quality executions, powerful trading tools & 24 hour live support.Its all about buying currency and i guess its a good investment if you know trhe procedure..i know they are offering seminars even on phone or online.FOREX is not a scam its just like money gambling forex rate.
(Anonymous user)
July 1st  2013 09:39
stay away from this phone number, they will ask you to open an account for forex trading, it will cause you to lose your hard earned money...
(Anonymous user)
July 2nd  2013 05:57
maybe it is in xforex website
(Anonymous user)
July 9th  2013 13:59
dont know the number
hello wjos calling me??? dont know the number..
(Anonymous user)
July 16th  2013 06:10
this number called me today also...
(Anonymous user)
July 17th  2013 08:51
yeah he called me too just today.. i answered the call but the guy caller seemed not to notice and he spoke Filipino/Tagalog. He seemed to be arguing with a girl who spoke the same language.
(Anonymous user)
July 29th  2013 05:08
I recieved a call with this number 5555582 who knows my name. I think this number is a scammer who searching a number on internet try to call. Watch out guys.... This person is a filipino from manila.
(Anonymous user)
July 31st  2013 15:16
august 29 2013
I got 10 miz call today ay this # +5555582 thats why i try to search this # if what country is this
(Anonymous user)
August 1st  2013 12:57
I Got A cAll
She Called me and how does she know my number ??? hahaha i didnt register for that xforex haha...
(Anonymous user)
August 5th  2013 09:16
I got call from this number. search in the internet and it was from forex. i realized i actually enter my email when i signed my email up on a forex website from facebook.
(Anonymous user)
August 11th  2013 06:53
This number is calling me for a week now. He kept on calling but since I dont know the number, I did not answered. I search the internet, and I was surprised that this number is calling a lot of people. Its really annoying, I dont even know what xforex is.
(Anonymous user)
August 13th  2013 16:20
who is that....??? i was called on my phone this day 13 august 2013. this is very mysterius, can any people tell me who is that???
(Anonymous user)
August 15th  2013 05:25
i dont know whos the owner of this number he/she calling me as of this moment. and as i search to the internet this page pop-up. and theres so many comments. i hate what they are doing...
(Anonymous user)
August 15th  2013 06:20
Rocky from Viet Nam
3 times missing call from +5555582 and no ideal who is the caller
(Anonymous user)
August 15th  2013 12:40
ainjel from the philippines
I got a call to from this number... he spoke in filipino language... telling me that i won an iphone... i think its from xforex too..
(Anonymous user)
August 16th  2013 07:36
got a call from +5555582 just this morning...
i missed the call...am surprised that many have been called already...very mysterious...must be a scammer...
(Anonymous user)
August 16th  2013 08:09
got called too
(Anonymous user)
August 16th  2013 19:41
that phone number call me several times already. Either Morning or at night. It's annoying.
(Anonymous user)
August 19th  2013 12:14
thats the number
I receive his call last july 31 at 3pm..I didnt answer and now at this moment he called again and I answered him..his a tagalog and he know my name..I dont know this guy..pls help whose rhis person its annoying....
(Anonymous user)
August 27th  2013 08:28
same here ..shes a girl.....
(Anonymous user)
August 29th  2013 12:11
i also got the call, i was afraid, who is this?
(Anonymous user)
September 11th  2013 07:35
me too, it happens a several times, i answered it but, i got no response. I thought i was the only one,...and it creeps me out so,i searched it until i found this page.. who's this by the way -_-.
(Anonymous user)
September 12th  2013 09:00
it was xforex.....i receive a call from this no.few hours ago...then he convince me to open an account with forex... is that company legitimate...?
(Anonymous user)
September 12th  2013 14:36
Whoa! I'm not alone!
Got called several times by this number. And now I know it's from Xforex.com I just don't know if these guys are legit.
(Anonymous user)
September 16th  2013 10:40
i just got a call a few minutes ago
i did not answer since i don't normally answer unbooked calls. probably from xforex since i subscribe to them. hey guys, cold calls is not a good marketing strategy. it will piss off a lot of prospective clients. stop this annoying calls. it is bad for business
(Anonymous user)
September 17th  2013 13:40
someone missed called me! +5555582 its nice that i didn't answer that call. and then I search here in the internet and I saw that I'm not alone ! can anyone have a solution about this matter? I think it is a scammer. Im here in the Philippines and the call i think came from other country!? let's spread the news about this scam!
em em
(Anonymous user)
September 17th  2013 15:02
missed call
i missed two calls from that number and i'm, really wondering who that was, any update?
Pinoy NewTrader
(Anonymous user)
September 18th  2013 13:20
Yeah! this number is calling me too...
it's from xForex.com it is their representative i think.
but for the legitimacy of this site is still unknown...

I have tried signing on this site, then after it replied to my email and said that there is someone that would call me to assist on how to trade and sort like that.

Her name is Agnes *****. (the on who called me) but i have doubts on this one.

(Anonymous user)
September 19th  2013 05:20
yeah! it's from xforex.com...tumawag sa akin..ang bastos mag explain..I told her na I'm not interested, binagsakan ako ng telepono...BASTOS!
(Anonymous user)
September 19th  2013 05:23
yeah right! It's a scam......!!!!!!!!!!!
(Anonymous user)
September 23rd  2013 12:40
Called me twice today
this number also called me up this afternoon twice, but since my phone have problem in answering calls sometimes...hindi kami nagkarinigan... well sometimes my advantage din pala ang sirang phone at least di ako nagoyo :)
(Anonymous user)
September 25th  2013 14:26
I hate this number 5555582, 12 missed calls from 3 pm what the hell! It needs to be forwarded to media so they could check. Truly annoying!
(Anonymous user)
September 26th  2013 07:13
this number kept on calling me to invest 50 dollar for www.xforex.com and begin trading market through online... according to the assistment process after u invest they give you the tutorial to it work marketing online...is it a scam or legitimate please help me
(Anonymous user)
October 8th  2013 08:56
thinking what kind ???
what kind or what company is that for ?? i think all comments here gives me a idea what is that for !! thanks !!
(Anonymous user)
October 11th  2013 10:40
just received a call from this number +5555582
been trying so hard to know who's number is this??but when i saw this page now i know..and im gonna stop and will not waste my time to know who's this no.is..thanks everyone!!!
(Anonymous user)
October 25th  2013 06:03
This number comes from refresentative of XForex...+5555582..a scam
(Anonymous user)
October 26th  2013 13:44
Yes, I also got calls from this number. They called oct 11, no one seems to notice I'm on the line already. And I think I heard my name was mentioned. And they also called again oct 25. I missed it.
(Anonymous user)
October 29th  2013 07:33
Got a call from 5555582 almost an hour ago.wasnt able to answer..by what youre all discussing.i think im lucky i didnt get it.
(Anonymous user)
November 25th  2013 09:08
received 23 missed calls...
(Anonymous user)
November 26th  2013 11:12
3 missed call
Luckily my phone was off...
(Anonymous user)
December 2nd  2013 13:11
5 missed calls
Got 5 missed calls from this number. I think it is really from forex as what they have said, i signed up with forex just this morning.
(Anonymous user)
December 3rd  2013 06:36
tnx the info
(Anonymous user)
January 9th  2014 08:59
Yes,me too got 7 missed calls.but wasn't ablenow to answer it..are they legal?
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January 14th  2014 14:43
got 16 missed call this number..5555582
whos calling me..
(Anonymous user)
January 22nd  2014 08:55
Who is this **** caller!!!
(Anonymous user)
January 22nd  2014 10:07
just few minutes someone call me ,that number is 5555582
(Anonymous user)
March 12th  2014 06:31
I also received a missed call however the number was 0005555582. same lang cguro.,
(Anonymous user)
April 16th  2014 11:59
yeah i too got that mysterious call from 555582 i was not able to answer it but after 2 minutes another call from another mysterious caller the number starts at +357777...must be from the same company..i did not answer both
(Anonymous user)
June 1st  2014 12:33
a lot of folks out here called by this number, It was forex, im just curious other people told they didn't signed up. but probably their cell number was used to registered.

I was talking to a representative mejo di kami mgkaintindhan mahina line q. Im interested in forex however i wanna know where the office to check it out,

comment lng sa kausap q mejo harsh mgexplain not too client friendly. I think it's not a scam. Poorly trained lang siguro mga reps.

she wanted me to immediately deposit in my account. there would be a broker that would train me how to trade.

hope this helps you guys.
Gil John
(Anonymous user)
October 22nd  2015 05:16
Gil john
Use google app "TRUE CALLER" to trace the information of the caller. I'd experienced that too when I'd waited a call from the employer in cyprus but eventually there's a call from these number "+357" where it use to be the same area code i was waited. I'm so pissed when I knew that it was Xforex called me 2 days straight. hehe
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