Who phoned me from 700046094

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(Anonymous user)
December 6th  2015 23:06
It was to my sons mobile at a cost of £3.75 ex vat, he doesn't even know who it is!!!
Any clues would be appreciated.
(Anonymous user)
March 5th  2016 07:48
My daughter keeps being charged £3.75 for text message we don't know who from
(Anonymous user)
March 11th  2016 16:49
Have just received a phone bill that's was £20!!! Over what I'm usually charged for they have said its because of this number and I have no idea who it is or how I stop it??
(Anonymous user)
May 10th  2016 14:25
your phone company should give you number to stop them coming to through
(Anonymous user)
May 10th  2016 14:21
had three text messages from this number charged £4-50
called virgin media thy gave me 3 numbers to stop the text

told me i had to pay for them which i said was wrong
i told them to cancel my contract after some consideration
thy have know gave the money back
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