Unsolicited sales and marketing faxes

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March 6th  2014 14:51
What are unsolicited sales and marketing faxes?
A fax trying to sell a product where your prior consent has not been obtained are classed as unsolicited sales and marketing faxes.

It is unlawful for companies to send you these faxes without your prior permission (opt in)

How to stop Unsolicited sales and marketing faxes?
You can register to the FPS(Fax Preference Service) for free, they will place your number on an opt out register.

Companies are legally required not to send faces to numbers on the register.

Still receiving unsolicited marketing faxes?
Once you have registered to the Fax Preference Service, allow 28 days for your fax number to become effective on the register.

If you are still receiving unsolicited sales and marketing faxes then you can report the company to the FPS

There may be a chance that you unintentionally opted in to receive these faxes. For instance, if you didn't tick/untick the correct marketing preferences when you registered to a service, if this is the case then you should contacts the company asking them to opt out.
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June 22nd  2015 10:29
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