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September 16th  2014 09:48
Use on screen buttons
It can be a costly inconvenience when one of your device’s buttons break. Prolong the life of your device buttons, especially the home button with the help of Assistive Touch. Although it requires two or more touches than usual, it is better than always using the buttons on your device, which could cause them to wear out sooner than acceptable. With the Assistive Touch, you can take screenshots, control the volume, lock the screen, multitask and more.

Take a screenshot
If you don’t already know how to do this on your device, you will be happy to know it is quick and easy to execute. Just press the power button and home button at the same time and voila, you have your screenshot. This can be handy when you want to show someone such as an app developer what you are having trouble with on their app, or simply for saving screenshots of your messages for later reference. You know the action worked when you hear the camera sound (if your sound is on) and if you see the screen flash.

Expand your calculator
Using a calculator is easier on the iPhone with swiping. You can correct the number you put in by swiping to the left or right, to delete the extra digit accordingly. Now, if you need more than the basic operations provided by the simple calculator presented to you when you open the app, you do not need to download another app. Just turn the device on its side to go to landscape mode, and the scientific calculator will replace the primary one.

Jump to the app from notification
You do not have to unlock your phone then go to the app to respond to a notification you receive on the lock screen. You can just swipe the notification to the right, and then automatically pull up the app right after entering your passcode (if you have one).

Charge your device faster
Running out of juice can be frustrating, especially if it happens when you are unable to hook your device to its charger at the moment, and you badly need to use it. This usually happens when you run out of time when charging it and have to unplug it and go. Reduce this frustration by setting your device to airport mode when you charge it so it will charge faster than usual. By doing this you will have gained more battery power than you would have if you had not set it to airport mode.

Quickly access your settings
Quickly access the Control Center by swiping up from the bottom of any screen, including the lock screen. With the Control Center, you can quickly make changes to your settings, such as brightness, volume, WiFi, Bluetooth, orientation lock, airdrop, and airport mode.

iPhone Only: Block telemarketers
Okay, maybe that is too specific. By default, the block feature cannot determine if the call is from a telemarketer or not then block it for you. You can choose not to receive any communication (and by that it means phone calls, text messages, Facetime calls, or iMessages) from the chosen contact (or recent caller).

To use this feature, tap the ‘i’ button next to the contact item in the list of contacts or recent calls, and then choose “Block this Caller.” To unblock someone, go to Settings - Phone - Blocked, and remove them from the list.

iPhone Only: Spirit level
Find the spirit level in your iPhone by going to the Compass app in the Utilities folder. With the Compass app open, swipe to the left and the spirit level will show up. It is easier to use in the landscape mode but it also works in the portrait mode. When the phone is horizontally level, you will see the top of the green box line up with the horizontal markings in the center of the screen.
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