The best way to deal with nuisance calls

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July 5th  2015 00:01
I have two solutions (I use both - and they work). The first is to get the cheapest 'pay as you go' mobile phone you can find, and you give out that phone number for orders, for adverts you place, or answer, for companies, delivery services, eBay, PayPal, Amazon, Exchange and Mart, whoever - basically for any kind of service or organisation, for anyone at all who's not family or a close friend. Then once you've given out the number, you SWITCH OFF THE PHONE - and only turn it on periodically, such as when you're expecting a response or a delivery message - then switch it back off again until the next time you need it. It works. You usually have to make a call on it once every three months to keep the SIM card active so you don't lose your credit.

The second solution - if, despite getting your number permanently withheld, your landline phone keeps ringing, get a Panasonic phone. Most of the newer ones have the capability to bar numbers and the clever bit is, if you bar a number, it sends out an engaged tone to the caller whose number you've barred, giving the impression that your line is engaged. The caller might keep calling you daily, but the beauty of it is that you won't know about it at all, as your phone won't ring! You can check your call history and see which numbers have tried to ring you and been blocked. Neat. It works for me and I hope it works for you.
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