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April 2nd 2013 11:39
Marketing call
Sales & marketing call
June 24th 2013 16:53
Didn't know the number so didn't answer it. Never use voice mail so just checked unless anyone I knew
January 28th 2014 16:11
I have a non ringing profile stored for these, so I just save them to identify and add them to this profile
February 12th 2014 13:03
Walmart Augusta USA
Voucher redemption
March 3rd 2014 18:20
Recognised Telepest
July 25th 2014 18:10
Had a call from this No on my mobile, as it looked local I dialled it and came up with 'not in use' now blocked
September 1st 2014 16:01
Switch saver should not answer
Switch saver should not answer
September 29th 2014 13:09
Not a valid extension according t6o voice mail
Not a valid extension according t6o voice mail
November 13th 2014 17:37
Legal claims
Unsolicited number from Nottingham area
November 14th 2014 19:54
Motor claims line
Lots of comments around about this
March 16th 2015 15:12
Widely reported, have all calls blocked by profile oin my mobile and landline by call blocker so not ringing but do spot new ones occasionally
October 19th 2015 13:21
Accident Claim Options
Another ambulance chasing site
November 3rd 2015 17:26
PPI reclaim line
March 10th 2016 09:40
Invalid number when checked
Invalid number when checked
September 8th 2016 15:55
Pest number
Accident claim from Pwllheli area
March 27th 2017 09:49
Said I had been selected to win £250
Did,'t wait for the rest, hung up