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April 24th 2012 13:03
no incoming calls
it does not accept incoming calls
January 14th 2013 20:15
keep getting calls from this number.
They ring off after couple of rings I assume hoping I will call back to a premium number
May 28th 2013 17:44
spam text pupporting to be from
anyone know this number.
August 1st 2013 12:32
left no VM and not a valid number on redial
rang me today on an ex directory landline but left no VM message. 1471 gave this as the number but am unable to call it - says invalid. assume it is a scam
March 23rd 2015 10:57
win a prize scam!
They were offering me a prize just for answering a few questions.......don't think so, but thanks for the offer
November 30th 2015 14:12
is this a valid company
seems odd that a reputable (?) company uses odd numbers