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June 2nd  2018 11:41
Called themselves Talktalk technical
Noticed bad connection and some one is trying to hack in. Are you sitting infront of your computer?
I said can I call him back. He said yes and was gone without giving a number. Strangely he aswered my other question where are you ( fo
reign voice ) - - with in London.
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October 13th  2017 10:07
Same Number - Different Country
On 12/10/17 I got a call on my mobile which showed the call came from Mauritania. For those not in the know, this is a country in Africa.

Just now I get a call from a number in the UK with the same digits. A + sign replacing the first 0 which I would gather being for the dialling international code.
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April 15th  2016 18:25
Just rang me and woke me up there was silence. I said hello twice.
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August 21st  2015 11:21
My New Annoyance
This lot have been plaguing us for a week now . Another two last night at 7.30 and two this morning .
Nobody there . (we're in Herts , in case it turns out it's area specific)
(Anonymous user)
February 15th  2015 14:34
3 times on a saturday.... sad PR1CKS
sat evening too - thats a first i think

This harassing b4stard needs to be stopped.
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February 15th  2014 06:39
Who is calling me?
I live in UAE & every few months get phoned from a number starting 0224,
According to internet search this is Guinea, West Africa???? The phone rings once or twice then stops. I never call it back incase its a scam to steal money from my phone account. I don't know anyone in Africa!!! Has anyone else experienced this?
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July 9th  2013 11:57
Rang me 3 times.... will not allow you to ring back
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May 15th  2013 05:27
who r u?
y u called me?
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February 23rd  2013 06:20
If recieve phone call gets cut within 01 sec. if returned call back Its replying "Next coustomer care executive will attend you" but no body is speaking. It s happening last 1 Month.
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November 7th  2012 17:34
he is coll me