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August 4th  2018 12:20
Person phoned from "Microsoft ". Usual call wanted me to go on onto my computer to check its identity.

Left him talking to himself at this point and blocked the number when he hung up
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November 18th  2015 12:51
who is this
keeps calling asking for some one with a different name
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September 25th  2014 10:23
Foreign sounding man rang my very old mobile.
Worrying because this number is known to only about 6 people. Just used for emergencies in car.
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June 14th  2013 08:51
called this week
scam I think
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April 27th  2013 14:07
Biggest scam you are likely to get involved with, I work for Microsoft. We never call customers we send updates. We are unable to access an outside line on our telephone systems. Never trust anyone pretending to be from Microsoft or a partner of Microsoft unless you have called them.

There are a couple of Microsoft Partner Organisations, but these tend to be Business to Business IT Specialists, they will never phone you without you calling them first. It is in their agreement with us.
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January 31st  2013 15:02
Rude. Irritating and FAKE!
I was called today, the man was not english, he asked to speak with my boyfriends mother, who was not in at the time, he asked me where she was and i said she was out and he said "where where where where where"? then he hung up. tried 1471 got this number tried to ring back and apparanbtly it does not excist!?
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November 21st  2012 12:54
Frightening calls
The first call was late in the evening, and there was silence then a quite voice said "help me help me!!.Then silence again. I put the phone down.thinking it was a Halloween call. Then half an hour later they rang again and did the same again. The no. was 02538020308. I told them to go away and put the phone down
That was at the end of Oct. On Nov.20th Ihad eight more calls from them between 10.30am and 430pm..Then on Nov21st (today) I have had another three calls so far. This is quite worrying as I am 76yrs .Why me?? Ihave not answered the phone since the first two calls but wonder how long this is going to go on?