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(Anonymous user)
February 17th  2015 15:51
Missed Call
Can anyone help with this number please?
(Anonymous user)
February 5th  2015 11:06
Do you have any idea
(Anonymous user)
October 18th  2014 16:12
Spam silent call
friday evening 17 october

who is this....

(Anonymous user)
April 23rd  2013 22:53
y u called me
who is this
(Anonymous user)
October 12th  2012 16:02
040015 - wierd phone number?
Just missed a call from this number - no area code or anything, just 040015, am in the UK so this doesn't seem like a valid phone number in any way. Tried to ring it back from my mobile instead of my landline and I just get an 'incorrect number' tone. Anyone else ever had this number ring them?