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(Anonymous user)
February 4th  2015 16:01
is this a phone nymber
had an incoming call from 042323 what is this?
(Anonymous user)
March 29th  2013 12:00
Many nuisance calls and worse?
Repeated calls from the 'Windows Technical department' stating that my computer's Windows software had been infected and that I should go to a particular web page such that they could check my computer and fix the problem. They stated that the company I had bought my computer from had given them my phone number. They lied about this - I have a 2nd hand PC. When I asked what file or files had been corrupted they said that files were not a problem, it was the Windows software that had been infected. Since software is files and can be nothing but files, this is a fundamental technical error and indeed blatant deception from the so-called 'Windows Technical department'. Basically they wanted me to go to a particular web page. My guess is that this web page would either put malware on my computer or would be used to convince the technically weak to part with their money.
(Anonymous user)
September 5th  2012 17:24
i cant understand who u
(Anonymous user)
April 2nd  2012 09:03
Who are you?
(Anonymous user)
April 1st  2012 07:56
Either you can trace the owner or you can't
(Anonymous user)
January 19th  2012 12:43
fake ms tech support
Irritating! calls 4 times a week
(Anonymous user)
November 26th  2011 19:43
had the same saturday night
had the same saturday night macrosoft working saturday night i don't think soo