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October 16th  2015 11:34
Claimed to be Microsoft
A lady with a strong Asian accent claimed to be ringing from Microsoft about my computer. I asked how she knew it was my computer and she hung up.
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May 28th  2015 12:01
Hi Vonny,
Yes, I have had these calls before, and they basically want you to download some software to "fix" your computer, but this could be a virus, or some cryptolocker stuff (where they encrypt your documents and make you pay to decrypt them again). Never let them connect unless you are expecting someone from IT support to contact you to fix something that you have told them about already!
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January 15th  2014 11:55
Marketing call
Recorded message when call answered
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May 14th  2013 17:05
It was a foreigner calling about my pension?..asked him if he was asking me if I had one or telling me I had one.He said he was asking, I hung up.
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July 26th  2012 22:47
Quem me ligou?
este numero me ligou e não sei quem é
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May 10th  2012 06:09
email from Istanbul?
Recieved awkward email from someone in Istanbul and they gave me this number to reach them personally....